5 Tips for Results When Networking (Virtual & In Person)

Blog Post_5 tips

1. Be clear about what you do.

It is helpful to come up with an “elevator pitch” so you can easily share with people what you do. Don’t confuse people with trade jargon or long-drawn out statements.

*Need help with creating your “elevator pitch”?

Here are a few resources: Sprouting up Businesses & Building a Story Brand

2. Don’t overwhelm

Remember, you don’t have to share everything in the initial meeting. Share what you do, but leave some room for conversation at a later date!

*Pro Tip: try and set another date during that interaction!

3. Get their contact information.

Whether you collect a business card, put their information in your phone, or write it down, develop a system to gather their contact information so you don’t lose it.

I prefer to save my contact card in my phone with my name, email, company name, website, and photo. I will then ask for their information and text them my contact card on the spot so that they can save this information.


This is probably the most important part of the process. Many of us meet fantastic new individuals, but we are human and other things in our business/life can take over quickly. Make it a habit to follow up with new connections within the next few days. When I put an event on my calendar, I also include time after the event for follow up messages. I will schedule my message/email to go out two days after meeting that individual.

5. Be yourself and have Fun

Meeting others should be a fun process. Remember, it’s your business and you get to add who you want to your network! Not everyone will be a fit for you and that’s okay. Connections & referrals are earned through relationships, so it is important to add connections we trust to that circle.

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