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Is it just me, or do many of us struggle with the thought of being a salesperson? I know for many of us, just the sound of the word sales makes our skin crawl. It instantly brings to mind trying to sneak around the car dealership without running into “that guy” that is going to strong arm us into a purchase that we don’t really want. I’ve tried everything to avoid them. Parking where they don’t see me, ducking behind cars, trying to use the “just browsing” line, and EVEN going to the dealership at night to take a peek when it’s closed! Ridiculous right?!

I think by now, a majority of us realize, that sales doesn’t *and shouldn’t* look like that!

Do you provide value to clients? Do you take time to listen and assess their needs before making hasty recommendations? Then you are probably already on the right track.

Recently we hosted a training session with Sales & Leadership Coach, Caroline Verploegen, about becoming the best in sales, without feeling “sales-y”
“The definition of sales is to help your clients come to the conclusion that your goods and/or services will improve their situation and will provide value to them.”

Selling using the C.L.A.S.P. method is a way to ensure you are taking into account whether what you have is really in the best clients interest and close the deal. 

If you have any questions regarding the training last month or if you’d like to host a training session for your group, feel free to reach out to Caroline.
Caroline Verploegen

If you’re a member and missed the meeting, be sure to check your resource library in your membership portal to watch the Zoom recording.

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