3 Reasons why the Enneagram will launch you into next-level success?

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1. This tool of transformation and growth is like no other

It’s the only personality profiling system that helps you understand YOU! Ultimately, we are only responsible for yours truly, so why not do the hard and healthy work of understanding parts of your personality that you have chalked off as habits, but in all actuality go much deeper than that?

2. The enneagram scope of use is expanding with no end in sight

If you desire a tried and true way to dive deeper into the relationships you are surrounded by, and a catalyst of growth within your teams, look no further than this.

3. Working with someone through your understanding of the enneagram is imperative to a successful process

Hire a growth-mindset enneagram coach like myself who is trained and certified for this very work.

Love it or loathe it?

You’ve likely heard some buzz about the enneagram-whether it’s your annoying colleague down the hallway who talks incessantly about their number or worse than that tries to type you with yours or, perhaps your perspective lands more where you refuse to be placed in any type of box, and you find yourself wondering how is this helpful anyway? Today I am here for wherever you land on the enneagram-fan (or not) spectrum, but I will spend a few minutes today challenging you in why you need to consider implementing this tool and/or coaching if you feel stuck or ready to move beyond results you have yet to accomplish.

You see, your questions are valid, they really are. However, the popularity of the enneagram continues to grow, and its being used in a variety of professional contexts from leadership development and team-building to sales training and beyond. It continues to grow because it’s a tool of understanding. This tool when used appropriately can raise your productivity, foster greater communication and workmanship on teams and ultimately help you individually operate in your healthiest self in every area of your life.

As much as in our humanity we prefer not to be placed in “boxes” what if there was a tool to help reveal the very boxes you have already placed yourself in (Ian Cron, The Road Back to You)? Better yet with a pathway to get out of the box from the very thing that’s stifling you? I offer a variety of coaching options, with workshops being my primary focus during this season. Together, let’s identify what’s been limiting you, and gain momentum onward and forward to your next-level chapter of success!



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