Let’s Grab Coffee: A Highlight of our Favorite CDA Coffee Shops for Connecting with New Friends

One of the most common questions I get asked is, “what are my favorite places to host meetings?!” I love that you all are so excited about connecting & supporting great, local businesses. Because I frequent both CDA & Spokane, I decided to break this into regions & by meeting type.

Today we are going to cover the best Coffee Shops to host one on one meetings in beautiful Coeur d’Alene Idaho. If you’re looking to mix it up & support a new (to you) local business, check these out! Be sure to let me know what you think or if I missed anyone you think should be on the list!

1. LYFE Public House-116 E Lakeside Ave
A great local coffee shop that also serves beer & great food! We love LYFE because they are huge advocates for supporting local businesses themselves. There is plenty of different seating to suit your fancy. From comfy couches to tables. They also have a conference room available and a “stage” area. If you have your kids in tow, this is a family friendly spot that has a kids corner that includes an arcade game to keep your children entertained in a safe space.

One thing to note is, it is a popular choice with locals so it can get loud & busy! Parking can be somewhat challenging. I promise it is worth it anyway! Just give yourself a few minutes to get parked and grab a seat!

*Bonus* Check out their community bulletin board

2. Fine Brewed-507 Sherman Ave
Modern clean lines with a PNW flair. There is a ton of space and its usually pretty quiet for a coffee shop. There is a conference table upstairs that can be reserved & also a cozy couch. They have a great menu & friendly staff. Located on the main road in downtown CDA, street parking is available. While I haven’t had any issues, I could see it being a problem during peak hours.

*Bonus* Check out their community bulletin board

3. Vault Coffee-324 Sherman Ave
Another great locally owned & operated business. Located inside of an old Bank, it has a lot of charm! The seating is cozy & comfortable. It is a smaller location in compared to the other two, so get there early to grab a seat on busy days. If you don’t find parking directly in front, try the side streets or going toward Lakeside. Usually there is parking available there.

4. Terre Coffee-5417 N Government Way
Boasting multiple locations through north Idaho, this locally owned business has a lot to appreciate. I love the Government Way location because of the ease of parking and ample seating. They also have a nice little patio during the warmer months to enjoy. The staff is always so kind & welcoming and their menu has all the coffee shop goodies.

*Bonus* Check out their community bulletin board

5. Kaffee Meister-9212 N Government Way
If you are looking for something further north in Hayden, Kaffee Meister is a great option. There is plenty of seating and they make good coffee. It can get a little loud during busy hours, but for a one on one it gets the job done.

Have you tried any of these locations? Which one is your favorite? Who did I miss? I’d love to hear from you!

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