Meet the LBC Founders


Larayna is a mother of two, a self-proclaimed adventure queen, and the master of connecting great people!
Her career has always focused on helping others, but within the last few years she has realized the importance of helping women in business connect, grow, and inspire together.

Tired of superficial networking groups, she launched the Spokane Ladies Business Network. A tiny group with one member, herself. Larayna quickly made friends with other female business owners (cue the amazing Rachel & Kyhra!), who have made the community what it is today. 

It is Larayna’s personal mission to help you reach your goals by connecting you to the right women!

Personal Values: Adventure. Boldness. Community. 


Rachel is a Professional Coach who works with individuals and groups, creating custom programs to identify what’s holding them back, equipping them to make lasting changes in the areas that matter most to them.

After spending 15 years working directly with thousands of college students, emerging leaders, and business owners, Rachel believes that we are all just scratching the surface of the impact we can make on the world. She has a discerning gift of showing people how to get from where they are now to where they were created to go.

Rachel has landed recognition as an Ambassador for millennials in entrepreneurship, and consistently acknowledged as a leading mentor and coach in higher education across the country. Along with these honors, she has been trained in the extensiveness of personalities and how they impact connections and success. Rachel also holds a Masters degree in Educational Psychology and Student Affairs from Northern Arizona University.


Kyhra is currently the owner of multiple small businesses. All of them focus on educating and helping others.

After spending more than a decade in the corporate world she decided to take the leap into entrepreneurship. Throughout this journey she figured out how to start and grow small businesses. She is now dedicated to helping others do the same. 

Kyhra spent 10+ years as a human management and customer service professional. Here she spent much time training and developing others, learning how to communicate with all different personalities, and the day to day ins and outs of managing a business. She holds a Masters in Organizational Development among other specialty licenses.

Kyhra is an introvert at heart. She is here for all her fellow introverts and is to show you that there is a place in this world where all us introverts can find their way and run successful businesses.

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