Accessing Your Authenticity


Authenticity is a CELEBRATION of HUMANITY!

You are here, on this planet, born in this generation, living this minute, because YOUR TRUTH IS NECESSARY!

Take the next right step to access what is already inside of you.





Sometimes I daydream about a world where EVERYONE accesses authenticity, even for one day. (I find myself longing for this a LOT in this current season of life, how about you?) One whole glorious day where people live and breathe their truth, and have the capacity to make space for other people’s truths.
Freaking rad, right?! Sure, Rachel, but….?
Yeah, I know. Longshot status, but check this out! Imagine…
>> Decisions are made based on INTEGRITY, not fear, failure or judgment.
>> Believing that everyone’s truth is necessary and worthy, and being willing to make space for people to navigate those truths.
>> And there’s probably a lot of mint chocolate chip ice cream (because it’s the best flavor, go ahead and fight me).
Would you be willing to believe that you can access authenticity in this way because of what ALREADY EXISTS INSIDE YOU RIGHT NOW??
(Yes, even the mint choco, baby!)
Until that day comes, we get to be in the work of accessing our authenticity. Which means, we are a bunch of beautiful messes all gracefully fumbling forward. And part of being in THE WORK, is learning more about HOW to ACCESS AUTHENTICITY!


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