What is the StrengthsFinder and why should you be excited?

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The Gallup StrengthsFinder is a great tool to help you identify your key, you guessed it, Strengths!

Why is that important? Identifying your top strengths will help you increase your self-awareness, learn about your team/communities strengths, and help your work be more meaningful. “Have you ever been around people who have no idea how they are impacting others? Those people don’t seem to be racing ahead in life.” (leadershipvisionconsulting.com).

The more self-aware we become, the more successful we tend to be in both business and life.

Let’s look at 3 key reasons why the StrengthsFinder is a great tool for this:

  1. StrengthsFinder helps ensure you are in the right role. Utilizing your time and talents appropriately.
  2. Facilitate collaboration. The important part here is to not have “too many cooks in the kitchen”. You don’t want two people who are great at networking and not great at logistics working on the same tasks. It would be more useful for you to have one person to fit each group of tasks to compliment each other. Such is the case for our team at the Ladies Business Community! Kyhra is amazing at “getting stuff done!”. I can rely on her to book meetings, take care of the website, heck she’s even sending out this email for us! She is strong in the Execution category of StrengthsFinder. My Strengths fall under the “Influencing” category. I love talking to people and helping them connect with others. Rachel is really great at building relationships and help deliver content that speaks to your soul. Quite the dynamic team. We all function in a space that uplifts our strengths. 
  3. Improve Self-Awareness. As mentioned above, these items are great, but we have to identify what they are. Being more self-aware helps you understand how you operate and also how others may perceive certain information. Sometimes it’s not a matter of what you say or do, it’s how you say it or do it. This can help you have more meaningful conversations with your clients, teammates, and members of your community. Who doesn’t want that?

Because we all understand how impactful StrengthsFinder can be, we invite you to learn more about YOUR Strengths! The assessment can be found at Gallup StrengthsFinder.

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Larayna is a mother of two, a self-proclaimed adventure queen, and the master of connecting great people!
Her career has always focused on helping others, but within the last few years she has realized the importance of helping women in business connect, grow, and inspire together.
Tired of superficial networking groups, she launched the Spokane Ladies Business Network. A tiny group with one member, herself. Larayna quickly made friends with other female business owners (cue the amazing Rachel & Kyhra!), who have made the community what it is today. 
It is Larayna’s personal mission to help you reach your goals by connecting you to the right women!
Personal Values: Adventure. Boldness. Community. 

Website: www.ladiesbusinesscommunity.com 

Facebook: www.facebook.com/larayna.cross

Instagram: www.instagram.com/lara.yev

LinkedIn Personal: https://www.linkedin.com/in/larayna

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