The Undeniable Importance of Community

  History has always shown the importance of communal structures within human evolution. Community plays a significant role in each of our lives. Building a community as a business owner can be even more critical to find the help and support needed to succeed.

Here are a few reasons you should consider joining a business community:

Collaboration & Growth Flourish
How many times have you been working on a project and just want someone to take a look to give you honest, constructive feedback? Having an extra set of eyes & a different perspective can help you excel in your project. Collaboration with others can bring out your best work.

Having an accountability partner might be intimidating, but it can help you have mutual support in working toward your goals.


-Support when things get hard

I wish we could say that being a business owner is always easy. The truth is, it’s not all sunshine and rainbows, things are bound to be difficult from time to time. Having a community to support you when things get rough can make a big difference on moving you through the hard times. This all ties back into collaboration. Maybe there is a tough situation you need feedback on or someone to share ideas with, community can provide that.

Facilitates giving back
Studies have shown that when you have a strong community, you are more likely to participate in giving back to that community that has given so much to you. This makes a positive impact in others lives & businesses . Some communities such as the Ladies Business Community, even have events designed to make an impact even outside of the realm of business (see Ladies Business Community Impact Team). This is not only good for the organization you’re serving, but it is also good for you.
    What is the essence of life? To serve others and to do good.” -Aristotle


It’s hard for people to choose your business, if they don’t know your business exists. Building a community is a great way to network & gain exposure. Most business owners are familiar with “networking” but the key isn’t collecting new names on business cards. The key is to build genuine connections where people know, like, & trust you. Think about it, if a friend you cared about opened a new restaurant or store wouldn’t you be excited to run and tell everyone else about it? That’s how networking should be. You should be building connections you are excited to share when the opportunity arises & they should be excited to do the same for your business. Building a community can help you do just that! 

  If you’re convinced that building community is for you, you can begin to do some research on which one is the best fit. What are you trying to get out of it? What type of people would you like to connect with? There are many options out there! Look into your local Chamber of Commerces, Business 2 Business groups, industry specific groups, etc.

  If you’re looking for a place with strong, female business owners who are excited to support you & potentially become great friends over time, the Ladies Business Community might be for you.
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